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“A Stunning Link to New York’s Past Makes a Long Awaited Return”

“At Age 10, Maaret Klaber tried to find a spot alongside the Harlem River to watch a swim race around Manhattan. ‘It was weeds over my head there,’ she said on Wednesday… ‘But you could tell there was a path there.” Indeed there was. That was 20 years ago. The Path led backward and forward in time, arriving at hte same place: The High Bridge, the greatest public work in New York City’s history.”



“Congressional, Obama Administration officials call for more money for aging bridges, roads”

“Congressional and Obama administration officials stood before the historic Memorial Bridge on Monday afternoon to make a case many have made before: The nation, they said, isn’t investing enough in itself. This time, they had a corroding symbol of American strength as the backdrop, a bridge 30 years beyond its prime with parts of two lanes closed because the steel beams underneath are too weakened by weather to withstand their weight.”


“Pipeline that spilled oil on California Coast Badly Corroded”

A pipeline rupture that spilled an estimated 101,000 gallons of crude oil near Santa Barbara last month occurred along a badly corroded section that had worn away to a fraction of an inch in thickness, federal regulators disclosed Wednesday.

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