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Claims Preparation, Review and Analysis

Despite careful project planning and scheduling, claims and disputes on a construction project are sometimes unavoidable. In these situations, Milestone works with owners, designers or contractors to identify and evaluate claims and provide the necessary support towards a win-win settlement.

bridge 600For contractor claims, Milestone works with project personnel to develop a supportable claim document for submission to the project owner. This document clearly establishes the contractor’s entitlement and includes a supporting schedule and time impact analysis and calculation of monetary damages.

For owners, Milestone performs a detailed review and comprehensive analysis of the disputed issues to determine responsibility and facilitate resolution.

Many claims are the result of of changes or events experienced on the project.  A detailed schedule analysis is virtually always necessary to determine the actual impact on the project.  Milestone engineers specialize in analyzing complex issues and schedules to accurately evaluate the impact of delays on the project to facilitate a fair and equitable resolution.

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